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The veil between the living and the dead is thinning.


Ghosts and Demons are crossing over.

Someone's gotta kick their asses back.

Ghost sightings have become an everyday occurrence and they are becoming more and more violent every day. The authorities are out of their depth and vigilante ghost hunters are high in demand. 

This first chapter follows two members of one such team, the Wardens, as they deal with a friend whose family is being haunted by their dead babysitter.


YA & Adult for strong language and graphic imagery​

Written by Kris Burgos

Pencils by Jarrod Elvin (Meatbucket)

Inks by Matthew Seaborne

Colors by Rodrigo Otäguro (Vizards)

The premiere issue is being co-published by Tales Beyond & Buddy Scalera's (Deadpool) B-Line Comics with an afterword by Darren Sanchez (Marvel).

Wardens of the Veil #1 001.tiff
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