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Cryptid (noun):

A creature that has been claimed to exist but never proven.

When finding proof... bring a big gun.

TB #1 013 - CF-1 1.tiff

When a former cop loses his daughter in an unexplained event, he looks for answers in the darkest conspiracies and government secrecies and loses his grip on reality as he stumbles into the mythological world of cryptids. 


Frozen Carnage is a short tale in the world of CF-1, a SWAT officer is mortified as he comes to terms that his squad is being slaughtered by an unknown assailant and the can do nothing to stop it.


Illustrated Fiction

YA & Adult for strong language and graphic imagery​

Written by Kris Burgos

Art by Jok

CF-1: Frozen Carnage can be

found in both of these anthologies:

TB #1 001 - Front Cover Exterior.tiff
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