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Interviews & Podcasts

These are some of the awesome networks and podcasts that have featured Tales Beyond.

Check us out as we've taken part being interviewed, co-hosting, winning awards & sharing awards.

Creator Networks & Shows

Logos are direct links to show homepages (Facebook, YouTube)

Dates are direct links to Tales Beyond-specific episodes & appearances


Various Episodes

Community Calls


March 28, 2022

The Fandom Bubble Awards

Co-Host w/ Rob AnderSin

2021 Comic Short of the Year

(The Corrupted) &

2021 ComiX of the Year 

(Teddies #1)

It Came From the Radio

October 17, 2022


Interview - Audio

August 30, 2021

Nationally Syndicated

Radio Show - Live Video

Nerds of the Round Logo_edited.png

September 13, 2022

D23 & House of Dragons Episode 3 Recap

October 7, 2021

CBS & What If...? Finale Recap

June 15, 2021

Loki Episode 1 Recap

Bitten Apple TV logo_edited_edited.png

July 5, 2023

Road to Eternal Con

August 3, 2022

Guest-host for

Mark Torres Interview


November 12, 2021

w/ Comic Book School

July 30, 2021

Creator Series

Constructing Comics

October 28, 2021

Audio Podcast w/

Comic Book School


October 7, 2021

Getting to know the Creatives


October 27, 2021

at New York Comic Con 2021

September 29, 2021

Kris earns a nickname from

the Geektopians

git logo.png

September 28, 2021

Discussion w/

Comic Book School

"Creator Connections:

Panel Two"

Inbeon Con

August 29, 2021

1: Making An Anthology

2: Fundamentals: Comic Creation

Virtual Comic Convention Panels

(The Con for Creatives)


April 18, 2021

Sunday Comics Brunch

w/ Mike Ponce


October 28, 2021

w/ Comic Book School

June 9, 2021

w/ JP Vichis


March 7, 2021

2020 Comic Short of the Year

(Ragnarok Come) &

2020 Anthology of the Year

(Creator Connections: 

Panel One)

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