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About Us

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From Ragnarok Come: No Shelter

Art by JP Vilchis

What is                                        ? 


Tales Beyond is a new independent comic book publisher based in the Bronx, NY. I was looking to make a splash in the world of comics and storytelling with amazing stories and unforgettable characters and I found the best way to do it was with the help of some incredible creators I've met across the world. Our tales are meant to push readers beyond the typical superhero stories that have become popular in the mainstream and span the various genres of cult and pop fiction. You want horror? We sit in the dark, staring at the walls trying to decipher what's going to reach out and grab us, just for inspiration. Monsters and aliens? We get them fresh delivered from the furthest reaches of our crazy and twisted imaginations. Fantasy sword and sorcery with a cartoon twist? Look at our first release! Post-apocalyptic science fiction cowboys with a hint of voodoo magic locked in battle with demonic spirits, hooked on tasting the blood of puppies and playing video games? Errr... we're working on that one (but without the puppy blood! We'd never hurt a puppy).

Our stories are naturally unique for their diversity as well as their inclusivity. Our characters reach out to every age and reader regardless of race, gender, or creed. A solid two-thirds of the individuals who have taken part in building our content are people of color, with a majority of our talent coming from outside the US and hailing from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Philippines. That said, with each new release, Tales Beyond will continue to search beyond the borders of the world and depths of our dimension to bring stories that will tap into the emotions that drive us daily. We will also encourage the fantasies we had as children to continue beyond becoming just the daydreams of adulthood, using any and all means necessary (except for harming puppies).

Kris Burgos

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Tales Beyond

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