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Something horrific happened a thousand years ago.


The truth was buried in the desert outside Jerusalem.

The truth can't be killed.

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Dr. David Michaels is hired by the Vatican to head an archaeological dig in the desert that potentially holds the discovery of a lifetime. In this first thrilling chapter, two assassins have been sent to keep the desert's horrific secret.

Assassins in a Tavern

Awarded 2021 Best Short Story

- ICCA Fandom Bubble Awards


YA & Adult for strong language and graphic imagery​

Written by Kris Burgos

Pencils & Inks by Roi Mercado (Heavy Metal, IDW. Image)

Colors by Jok

The Corrupted: Assassins in a Tavern can be

found in both of these anthologies:

TB #1 001 - Front Cover Exterior.tiff



(Black & White)

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