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Teddy Bears protect children from what hides under the bed:

The dark creatures from the world of Nightmare. 

But who protects the Teddies?

Teddies #1 Cover.jpeg

A boy and his teddy bear are drawn into the nightmare world under the bed to search for a friend who's been kidnapped by the Dark.


In the evil and twisted land, they must face off against their own inner demons as well as the horrors of a child's worst nightmares. 

Teddies #1

Awarded 2021 Indie Comix of the Year

- ICCA Fandom Bubble Awards


Adult for strong language and graphic violence

Written by Kris Burgos

Chapter 1 Art by Jim Webb (Heavy Metal, TMNT)

Chapter 2 Art by Mike Ponce

Colors by JP Vilchis

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