Some inquiries of an independent comic book publisher

Frequently asked questions

Does Tales Beyond offer print editions of their stories?

Yes. With the world coming to a halt from the COVID-19 pandemic right about the time Tales Beyond was taking it's first steps, print was taken off the board. Now that some form of normalcy is being reached, print has continued and fans are be able to hold these incredible stories without the use of a screen.

Is Tales Beyond creator-owned?

Yes. Tales Beyond is an independent comic book publisher and all of the rights to the IPs published by Tales Beyond are retained by the creators.

How often will Tales Beyond release new content?

Content is always being worked on, but as we are currently a smaller independent label, there are no real timelines for the release of new stories. But don't fret, the wait will definitely be worth it!

Do you ship internationally?

Our Treasures (merchandise) are available for shipping to the US, Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are waiting for a calmer climate to finalize plans for shipping our Treasures beyond those borders. Printed editions of our Tales have resumed within the US, Canada & Mexico but further international fans will have to wait a bit longer. International buyers, however, can still purchase digital versions of our tales.

What's inclusivity and why is it such a big deal?

Inclusivity means a lot to us at Tales Beyond. It means our stories and content will attempt to connect with as many people as possible. For an example, looking at our first major story Runt, the main character is an outcast from his society because he's different. Everybody at some point in their lives has been in a position where they might've felt like the outsider, whether its a person's first day on the job or their first day in third grade at a new school. Having characters and stories that people can relate to is what helps bring people together. There are tons of books and political movements that preach about the various ways to include people in society, everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. We feel it's important to reach everybody and give them a place to feel comfortable when reading their stories. Also, a large majority of our creators and freelancers who have joined us have backgrounds from various places around the world, primarily from Latin America. We look forward to continue the trend of finding and signing on amazing talent to give opportunities for breaking into the comic business to those who normally wouldn't have as much of a chance due to their location, connections, language, etc.

Does Tales Beyond offer swag??

Check out our Treasures Page! We have plenty of sweet swag already available and will be dropping more based on our Tales as they release, but keep an eye on new releases, as items released with their stories will only be available for a limited time! First up will be Runt. Always expect some really awesome apparel and accesories soon. Very soon.