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In this first chapter of Ragnarok Come, a Viking warrior is trapped in a village that's been overrun by battling monsters. Desperate for a way out before the village is completely destroyed, he stumbles upon a young girl. This story has won Best Short Story of 2020 in the Independent Creator Awards.

Fantasy Horror/Action Adventure

YA & Adult for mild language, graphic violence and horrific depictions

Written by Kris Burgos

Art by JP Vilchis (Dynamite & FutureQuake)

June 2021


Chapter 1: No Shelter


Dr David Michaels


Two opposing groups of adventurers travel the globe, competing to discover ancient magical masks. Each mask gives its wearer different supernatural abilities and in the wrong hands, they could spell trouble on a global scale. Which organization will come out on top?


Ages 10+ for mild cartoon violence

Written by Kris Burgos

Art by Mauri Ordoñez

Winter 2021


Something happened a thousand years ago and the truth was buried in the desert outside Jerusalem. Dr. David Michaels is hired by the Church to head up an archaeological dig in the desert that potentially holds the discovery of a lifetime. While waiting for his ride in an old tavern, two assassins debate how to kill the man to stop him from reaching the dig site and uncovering its horrific secrets.


YA & Adult for strong language and graphic imagery

Written by Kris Burgos

Pencils & Inks by Roi

August 2021