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Vizards #1 Print Comic

Explore the world of Vizards and watch as competing secret organizations travel the world to obtain magical masks. In this first SUPERSIZED issue, readers will be introduced to the wild adventure fantasy brought to life by up-and-coming superstar Mauri Ordoñez. 



This title is intended for TEENS and older for mild language and fantasy action.


Written & Lettered by Kris Burgos (Teddies, Ragnarok Come, The Corrupted)

Pencils by Mauri Ordoñez

Inks by JP Viclhis (Ragnarok Come)

Colors by Rodrigo Otäguro

Vizards #1 Print Comic

SKU: VZ001-1
  • This title is for the PRINT edition of Vizards and buyer will receive a physical copy of the comic upon purchase.


    32 COLOR PGS, Story & Mask Designs

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