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Runt #1/2: Print Comicbook Edition

This is a printed comicbook edition of Runt's first appearance and origin story. Inside, is the beginning of an orc's quest to rid himself of the curse to never age... beyond puberty. Also featured is a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of Runt with insights by author Kris Burgos and design sketches from story artist Ashley Whitham. 


With 3 editions to choose from, Runt's tale is for all ages!

- Storybook Edition

- Comicbook Edition

- Tell-Your-Own-Tale Coloring Book Edition

Runt #1/2: Print Comicbook Edition

SKU: RU001/2-1
  • Storybook Edition: Runt's origin is told as a picture book meant for ages 6-12. Disclaimer: This edition has been edited, to remove any cartoon gore found within the Comicbook Edition, for children under the age of 13.


    Comic Book Edition: Runt's origin is revealed in comic book format intended for ages 13+. Disclaimer: This edition is recommended for older audiences due to some cartoon graphic violence


    Tell-Your-Own-Tale, Coloring Book Edition: Tell your own story with this edition of Runt! The comic book version has been enhanced and enlarged with the color removed and the story lettering taken out of the bubbles and boxes for you to fill using your own imagination! Go ahead and give Runt an origin of your own.

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