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Vizards Press Release

2022 June 14

Press Release

The first issue of Vizards is finally in print and in the hands of Tales Beyond as of June 14, 2022.

With this release of Vizards #1, readers get to follow the exploits of two secret organizations as they travel the globe, searching for magical masks. One group is looking to seal them up for the good of mankind, while the other has more nefarious plans... Where will the next mask be found? Where did the masks come from? But the biggest question is, what godlike gifts will it bestow upon its wearer?

This SUPERSIZED full-color comic (32 pages) has two chapters incredibly drawn by up-and-coming superstar Mauri Ordoñez. The latest story written by Award-Winning author Kris Burgos (Teddies, The Corrupted, Ragnarok Come), Vizards is inked by by Award-Winning illustrator and fellow Tales Beyond alum, JP Vilchis (Ragnarok Come). Colors are beautifully handled by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Otäguro, who truly complements Ordoñez's western manga style. Following the story, is an art gallery with mask designs introduced in the premier issue as well as an afterward by Burgos.

Teddies #1 Credits
Written by Kris Burgos
Instagram: @kris.burgos
Twitter: @jiggykb

Pencils & Prologue Inks by Mauri Ordoñez

Chapter 1 Inks by JP Vilchis
Instagram: @jpvilchis_artist
Twitter: @jpvilchisartist

Colors by Rodrigo Otäguro
Instagram: @rodrigootaguro

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