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Teddies Print Release

2021 May 16

Press Release!

The first issue of Teddies has been available digitally for a few weeks, but now Tales Beyond is proud to announce the release of the printed edition on May 20, 2021.

With this release of Teddies #1, readers get to hold in their hands the tale of a young boy and his teddy bear as they travel into the world under the bed, known by the teddies of the neighborhood community as Nightmare, on a quest to rescue one of their own.

This full-color comic has two chapters beautifully drawn by Jim Webb (Heavy Metal) and Mike Ponce. The second chapter was initially released in black-and-white within the pages of Comic Books School's Award-Winning anthology, Creator Connections: Panel One. Both chapters were written by Award-Winning Author Kris Burgos (Ragnarok Come, Runt) and have been colored by Award-Winning Illustrator JP Vilchis (Ragnarok Come). Following the stories are cover art galleries as well as Ponce's character designs and an afterward by Burgos.

Teddies #1 Credits
Written by Kris Burgos
Instagram: @kris.burgos
Twitter: @jiggykb

Pencils & Inks by Jim Webb

Pencils & Inks by Mike Ponce
Instagram: @mikedoestheart
Twitter: @mikedoestheart

Colors by JP Vilchis
Instagram: @jpvilchis_artist
Twitter: @jpvilchisartist

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