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Team-up with B-Line

2022 February 10

Tales Beyond partners up with B-Line Comics on new title 'Ward the Veil'

Tales Beyond is partnering up with Buddy Scalera and his Comic Book School to introduce CBS's new imprint B-Line Comics. The label is being considered a "graduate" program and is intended as a continuation of the education brought to the CBS community. B-Line will be showcasing creatives who have successfully participated in CBS's award-winning anthology series, Creator Connections, and will be upping the ante from eight pages to twenty pages to tell a full-comic length story.

Scalera will be bringing in 90's-era Marvel alum Glenn Herdling (Namor, the Sub-Mariner) to be the Editor-in-Chief for B-Line. From Tales Beyond, writer Kris Burgos will be leading a team in the ghost-hunting murder mystery 'Ward the Veil' for the B-Line inaugural issue. As stated earlier, this is intended to be an educational event and CBS will be documenting the creative steps along the journey to create the comic, to be featured on the CBS website ( The steps and documentation will be similar to the steps used in the creation of the anthology series but will be more in-depth and include video editorial sessions between Herdling and the creative team members.

Look forward to more information soon.

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