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2023 NYC Street Fair Schedule Announced

2023 April 26

Tales Beyond is doing more street fairs for 2023

Tales Beyond is teaming up with Mardi Gras Productions for another year of street fairs around New York City. Last year was Tales's first year venturing outside the convention world and onto the streets, and this year we're back at it. And we're going bigger! Tales fans can look forward to seeing us at a whopping thirteen (13) street fairs compared to last year's four (4).

Check out the events page on for the dates and locations of each of the fairs. Fans can look to pick up print copies of Teddies, Vizards, Runt, and the Award-Winning Comic Book School anthology Panel One, as well as various merchandise and art prints exclusively available at street fairs and conventions. Kris Burgos, Editor-in-Chief and writer at Tales Beyond, will be on hand signing and greeting.

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