An independent comic publisher that conjures fantasy adventure tales spanning the fun and fantastic, as well as the doom and gloom.


Art by Mauri Ordoñez

Mikey from Teddies

Art by Mike Ponce, Colors by JP Vilchis

Latest Conjurings

Teddies #1 Digital Edition

Teddies #1 Digital Edition

Runt #1/2: Digital Comicbook Edition

Runt #1/2: Digital Comicbook Edition


"I dig the art style and story...

very cartoony."

- about Runt

Alex Sapountzis

Editor & Writer

Wayward Raven Media


“Very good work.”

Dennis Knight

Editor & Writer

Pronto Comics

"Fun adventures, yes.

Such an inviting appeal.

How rich and clever!"

- a review haiku

Tara Baysol


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