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An independent comic publisher that conjures fantasy adventure tales spanning the fun and fantastic, as well as the doom and gloom.

Latest Conjurings

Teddies #1:
Best Indie Comic of 2021
ICCA Fandom Bubble Award

Bubble Award Teddies.png

Latest News

Vizards Press Release

Press Release


2022 June 14

The Fandom Bubble Awards

Teddies #1 wins best indie comic of 2021 & The Corrupted wins best short comic of 2021


2022 March 29

"I dig the art style and story...

very cartoony."

- about Runt

Alex Sapountzis

Editor & Writer

Wayward Raven Media


“Hats off to Kris Burgos for his unique tale that is all about dealing with powers in a fashionable new way”

- about Vizards

Rob AnderSin

Editor & Writer

Continuum COMIX &

Comic Book Advocates

"Very good work."

Dennis Knight

Editor & Writer

Pronto Comics

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